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Silk Paintings

The San used simple brushes of bone and hair with earth
pigments to capture their visions or record significant
events of bushlife. Their canvas was natural rock, the walls
of their shelter, documented with skill and wit.
Sadly the San no longer paint. Over 100 years ago the
mountain dwelling Bushman were driven away and many
exterminated by Bantu and white settlers. Most San
people today dwell in the regions of the Kalahari desert.
San Rock painting is the most ancient form of African art
and must be valued and preserved for the future.

The silks are available as wearing scarves
or as pictures to frame.The wearing scarf size is
270 x1300 mm and has a San rock art motif at each end.
( Right, Weibke showing length of scarf)
The framing silks have actual scenes from various sites
around southern Africa. Because they are hand painted
each one is unique and has their own character, so there are
no mass produced scarves.
The Big Five and other animals also painted on silk

A wearing scarf
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